Voices in the Desert
On the Wings of Dawn

A Spiritual Journey Through the Holy Land

The prologue for this spiritual journey began in 1994 during a Lenten pilgrimage to The Holy Land.

The journey continued.

In the Summer 1999, I accepted an invitation to pursue research at Yad Vashem, The International School for Holocaust Studies in Jerusalem.

The photographs with the accompanying texts from the Old Testament, New Testament and the Koran are an artistic expression of the rich, interfaith tapestry of religious values and traditions shared by humanity in forging the world’s soul.

Through the lens of a multi-ethnic mosaic, ancient voices echo their message        

                                               The walls of the Old City

                                               The hollow caverns

                                               The glistened waters

                                               The rose-petaled valleys

Footprints from centuries past
Etched in the parched, desert sand
Seek the first light of the morn

                                               THE DAWN


My heart is confident in you O God; no wonder I can sing your praises!  I will waken the dawn with my song. Psalms 57:7-8

The Exhibit

Since its opening on December 2, 2002, Voices in the Desert: On the Wings of Dawn has traveled extensively to academic and religious centers.

  • The photographic exhibit consists of twenty-six 24" x 19" framed pieces including two introductory pieces.


For information on bringing this exhibit to your community, institution, conference or organization, please contact Dr. Esther Denaro Maltese, Curator: emaltese@frontiernet.net