New Interfaith Seeks to Combat Violence
She truly believes that in guiding their students, teachers can change the...

BK Remembers Holocaust
The inspiring ceremony was sponsored by a new Interfaith Study Center at the school.

Genocide, Hatred Take Root In Silence
The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic annihiliation of six million Jews...

Walking in the Footprints of History: From the Holy Land to the Vatican
As a participant in the pilgrimage, Maltese and her colleagues had an audience with the Late Pope John Paul II.

The Chronicle of Higher Education
End Paper highlights the Voices in the Shadows: Women Survivors and the Holocaust, A Photographic Memoir Opening.

Heroes of the Holocaust
Who are today's role models for our youth? Rock, sports, and movie stars. However, there is room in our youth's sky to emulate the "everyday star"

Courage Italia
... Presented another Segment of Their Educational Program on the Holocaust...

Greece Woman Leading Crusade for Peace
The Greece Post presents: Getting to Know Esther Denaro Maltese