Vision and Mission

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The Vision

The Interfaith Center is a 501 © 3 nonprofit organization. It promotes the development of civic values in youth through the research, reflection and study of genocide and violence prevention examined through the lens of culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, age, race and ethnicity.

As a result, young people will celebrate diversity, value human life, recognize prejudice in all of its forms, and learn positive strategies to solve conflicts without the use of force.

The Mission

  • To understand that the seeds of genocide and violence begin with the individual in his-her daily interactions.
  • To equip educators and the community with the tools to understand and teach the context and components of historical events (past and present) and identify the roots of prejudice.
  • To address the exclusionary practices impacting marginalized people in the global community; often masked within societal institutions such as the church, academia, government, and the workplace.
  • To prepare students and adults to identify and challenge policies-practices that have adverse effects on the lives of people in the global community.
  • To guide students and adults in their development of personal values, self awareness and the celebration of diversity.