David Ferranti Multi-Media Gallery Art and Writing Forum

Scholar, educator, playwrite and artist, David Ferranti lived his life fully, through the lens of passion, creativity and integrity.The world became his palette, life became his gallery. While serving as an army sergeant during World War II, David viewed the inhumanity of the Nazi Death Camps.This experience had a profound impact on his life as expressed in his artistic creations. David pursued his academic studies at Columbia University, Oxford University, The Sorbonne, The Berlitz School of Languages and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

He was the Founder of the David Ferranti Studios of Expression, a rigorous academic program focused on directing, voice, dramatic interpretation, The Greek Tragedy, and Shakespeare.

The Multi-Media Gallery Art and Writing Forum is a testimony to David Ferranti, the man, always bigger than life -and the personification of his favorite Shakespearean quotation:
"This above all, to thine own self be true."


Dear Educator and Community Participant,

More than fifty years have passed since the end of World War II and the Holocaust, yet the events of that time continue to be of great significance to people the world over. No subject more convincingly demonstrates the atrocity of people's inhumanity to one another.

The Holocaust serves as a powerful reminder of why we must educate our young people to take a stand against the dark forces of ethnic and cultural intolerance, if we are ever to see a just and lasting peace in this world.

Each year, under the auspices of the Rose and Joseph Denaro Interfaith Center, The Annual David Ferranti Multi-Media Gallery Art and Writing Forum is hosted.

The theme, Portraits of Courage, invites students to explore the lives of those who have perished, survived, or continue to experience acts of genocide and violence throughout the world. Through creative expression, students may begin to understand the historical background and reality of victims and survivors. Students may work in a variety of mediums illustrating evidence of thoughtful research. Entries undergo a rigorous review process to ensure scholarly integrity and are judged on creativity, artistic excellence and thematic content.

We encourage you and your students to participate and experience this valuable educational forum.

Continue to visit the Interfaith Center website at www.denarocenter.org.

Warm regards,

Esther Denaro Maltese, Ph.D.
Founder and President
The Rose and Joseph Denaro Interfaith Center fot the Study of Genocide and Violence Prevention

David Ferranti Annual Art and Writing Forum

Each year, under the auspices of the Rose & Joseph Denaro Interfaith Center for the Study of Genocide and Violence Prevention, the David Ferranti Multi-Media Gallery sponsors an Art and Writing Forum for students Grades K-12. Event Invitation.

The Theme is "Portraits of Courage"

We invite students to explore the "victories and courage of the human spirit throughout the ages."


Award recipients will be announced during the Spring Semester.
Details will be forthcoming.

  1. Entries will not be returned and will become the property of The Rose and Joseph Denaro Interfaith Center for the Study of Genecide and Violence Prevention, which reserves the right to publish and/or exhibit them in part or in entirety.

  2. Entries may be fiction or non-fiction, prose, drama, poetry, debates or the creative application of any of the following visual media: drawing, painting, photography, photo narratives, printmaking, three-dimensional sculpture (assemblages, woodcarving, clay), or mixed media.

  3. Entries must be of manageable size and suitable for public display.

  4. Entries will be judged for originality, content, and understanding of the subject.

  5. Entries will be divided into three categories: K-6, 7-9, 10-12.

  6. Entries must represent the independent and unassisted work of the person under whose name they are submitted.

Proofreading for corrections by a teacher or a parent is acceptable, but content must not come from anyone except the author.

Written Entries

  • It is required that all information on the entry forms be typed and double spaced.
    Please use only one side of the paper.
  • Submit one copy of each written entry.
    Staple if more than one page per entry.
  • Attach a completed Title Page to the entry.
    Judging is anonymous:
    Please DO NOT put any identifying information on the entry.

Artistic Entries

  • Artistic entries must have TWO Entry Forms:
    one attached on the back or bottom of the art work,
    and another copy to be included in an envelope.
  • For multiple entries from a school or class, please use one or more large envelopes to include all the Entry Forms.
    This makes it easier to identify and track the entries.
    Label the school's name, contact person at the school, and phone number on the outside of each envelope.
  • You may use photocopies or originals of the Entry Form.


See Event Calendar for Deadline Submission

All entries must be delivered via U.S. Mail or hand delivered to the Interfaith Center.

Mailing Address and Inquiries

The Rose and Joseph Denaro Interfaith Center for the Study of Genocide and Violence Prevention
Please contact Dr. Maltese at emaltese@frontiernet.net