Cycle of Violence 2006

Stop Bullying: Understanding - Alternatives - Solutions, was a milestone event that set the tone for a series of topics in the community on The Cycle of Violence. 

Studies show that children exposed to violence tend to perpetuate that violence through behaviors such as taunting, threatening and stealing, which in turn, lead to long term physical and psychological effects. 

In April 24, 2005, thanks to the sponsorship of over 24 community agencies and individuals, the Interfaith Center successfully provided an in-depth discussion on bullying. Educators, parents and interested community members and agencies participated in this event. This event served over 200 participants creating a needed forum for understanding the following points:

  • The causes of bullying.
  • Programmatic strategies at the middle and high school levels that model alternative behaviors.
  • Ways that these strategies translate into solutions for the future.

TV Interview


Jane D. Chase
Chairperson, The Cycle of Violence Series Planning Committee

A Community Crusader

Jane D. Chase is a graduate of Empire State College with a BA in political Science and Public Administration and a MA in Social Policy.

Chase serves the educational field within the confines of societal issues that many educators face each day in the classroom. These personal issues are often uncomfortable to deal with, let alone in public forums. In recognition of this need to educate, Chase serves as Chair of the Interfaith Center’s Cycle of Violence Series Planning Committee.

In 1982, Chase joined the League of Women Voters Rochester Metropolitan Area and has served in many capacities on and off their board. For several years, Chase was the Domestic Violence Off-Board Specialist for the New York State League of Women Voters.

Chase has been active in the community for many years advocating for children and working with many community agencies on several issues. Chase represents the State League on the State Coalition to End Lead Poisoning; recognizing the correlation between exposure to lead poisoning and aggressive behavior. She participates as an advocate on legislative issues for the Children’s Defense Fund.
Chase has been able to link her professional life to her community life. She is the Coordinator of Independent Living Services for the Regional Center for Independent Living. This includes administering the home ownership services she developed and working with community partners to assure a supply of accessible, affordable houses for individuals with disabilities.

Chase is a member of several community committees: United Way Community Building Impact Team, Community Reinvestment Coalition and the Predatory Lending Round Table. She is an active participant with Home Rochester’s Developers Group and the City Planning Focus Group.

Jane D. Chase understands the value of networking to achieve community goals. In this regard, she joined the Rochester Women’s Network in 2006.