My Dear Friends,

Genocide is the gravest of the crimes against humanity. Violence and the mistreatment of human beings is not a new plight. This travesty has occurred for thousands of years and many have inherited its legacy. The willingness to witness and remain silent as men, women and children are persecuted solely for racial, national or religious considerations is the most pervasive violation of human rights in the world today.

Millions of people have suffered unspeakable anguish. Entire cultures have nearly disappeared. Not even the most imaginative descriptions can truly reflect the horror or re-enact the pain of victims or survivors.

A new century is here and with it, new conflicts. Let the” voices of the past” serve as an important reminder of what prejudice can do if not confronted.  

We cannot predict the “voices of the future.” For those trying to make a difference, their mission is to inform the world of the past and present atrocities against human rights. For those who forget the past will be destined to repeat it. Pay tribute to the memory of those who have suffered and honor their legacy. Recognize people from around the world, who are today, passionately making a difference on behalf of their brothers and sisters.

Honor the resilience and courage of the human spirit and take action to ensure the words “Never Again” are upheld now and in the future.


Esther Denaro Maltese, Ph.D.
Founder and President
The Rose and Joseph Denaro Interfaith Center
For the Study of Genocide and Violence Prevention